Information Governance Strategic Assessment and Planning Services

ECM Scope is dedicated to providing our clients with information governance assessment and planning advisory services that provide a strategic vision tempered with realistic tactical action.

Our unique blend of information governance and technology vision translates into intelligent policy development, process mapping, retention guidance and technology advisement.  This translates into saving clients both time and money while they gain both the financial and productivity benefits associated with implementing an information governance program.

Too many enterprises jump into investing in all kinds of technology to solve problems that they have yet to define or prioritize. We have seen lots of wasted licensing fees because organizations are either solving the wrong problems or not fully prepared to even implement the technology they are purchasing. Using tested methodologies coupled with industry experience ECM Scope can provide a benchmark assessment of your organization’s present information governance practices and provide an information governance roadmap that is responsive to your organization’s business requirements.

We are certified to facilitate the use of the ARMA Next Level Information Governance Assessment Tool, which we couple with our own experience to provide a full picture of where your enterprise is doing well and where things need to improve. ECM Scope can provide additional services, if required, based on the Assessment recommendations.

These services can include:

  • An Information Governance Accountability Road Map
  • Development of or restructuring of appropriate Policies and Procedures
  • Development of Records Management Programs, Retention Schedules and File Plans
  • Technology Recommendations and RFP Development
  • Education and Training on Information Governance
  • Executive Briefings on Information Governance

For a free demonstration of the Assessment Tool contact Priscilla Emery at or